The Mutties’ Club: Teacher sets up animal rescue centre in Brazilian city

Animal rescue centres are commonplace in the UK and US, but in countries like Brazil such organisations are rare if not, non-existent. That’s why Brazilian teacher Juliana Soares decided to take things into her own hands and set up her own rescue centre.

The animal rescuer – based in the city of Guarapuava in Paraná, Brazil – founded The Mutties’ Club to address the lack of animal rescue centres in her hometown.

Juliana Soares said: “In Brazil we do not have as many institutions or organisations working with animal welfare as it is needed, together with other social and economic problems, which leaves much of this work for individual or group volunteers.

“We [The Mutties’ Club] find the animals homes through friends, adoption fairs and events, the internet and ‘adverts’.”

The Mutties Club provide dogs and cats with the necessary care and nurturing while awaiting adoption.

As well as supporting animals in her care, Juliana Soares also fosters and cares for others in need.

The teacher and animal rescuer has launched a crowdfunding campaign via Go Get Funding to help fund the cost of rent for a space where she can care for animals and foster others in their way to a forever home. The funds will also go to help with food expenses, treatments, and neutering/spaying costs.

At the time of writing, The Mutties’ Club had reached $435.00 of its $1000.00.

If you would like to support The Mutties’ Club, go to Juliana Soares’s Go Get Funding page. You can also support The Mutties’ Club on Patreon.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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