Netherlands brewery Lowlander recycles Christmas Trees into beer

Netherlands-based brewery Lowlander Beer has launched an innovative zero waste campaign collecting leftover Christmas trees and recycling the needles to brew their 2019 Winter IPA.

At least six hundred kilos of needles are needed to produce the 2019 batch of Winter IPA. Since 2 January, Lowlander brewery has been collecting unwanted Christmas trees from consumers, bars and restaurants in The Netherlands with the aim to transform them into bottles of the new brew.

Although only the needles are needed for Lowlander’s Winter IPA, the brewery intends to reuse every piece of the donated trees in limited edition products, including gift sets and bottles of a new creation: Lowlander Botanical Brut, a sparkling beer made with spruce and champagne yeast.

Once the trees needles have been preserved, the remaining parts of the tree will be used to make a range of smoked cheeses and smoking chips, as part of Lowlander’s Tree to Table Botanical Brewkitchen Dinners, held in both the Netherlands and the UK.

Last year, Lowlander created a White IPA brewed with spruce needles and juniper berries,  providing hoppy tones and a resinous citrus kick.

Lowlander said: “With botanicals, the possibilities are almost endless. We’ve always been inspired to work with the best possible natural ingredients, and we’re constantly thinking of new flavour combinations that will excite drinkers, and ways to continue the conversation around the use (and re-use) of botanicals.

“Considering that all botanicals come from nature, we decided it was time to give something back to the natural world by sourcing a botanical ingredient for our beer that would otherwise have gone to waste. Following the success of our Winter IPA, made with spruce needles and juniper berries, we decided to brew 2019’s batch using your Christmas trees!”

Lowlander plans to roll out the campaign in the UK for the 2019 Christmas period.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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