Wild Immersion virtual reality nature reserve raising awareness of conservation

Wild Immersion, a virtual reality nature reserve, is aiming to raise awareness of nature conservation in kids and adults alike.

Wild Immersion produces 3D experiences, which take spectators into the wild and up- close-and-personal with some of Mother Nature’s animal species including tigers, zebras, and chimpanzees among others.

The Wild Immersion experience, which has been endorsed by wildlife legend Jane Goodall, features three films – AQUA (marine animals), TERRA (animals living in a warm climate), and ALBA (animals living in a polar climate). Each movie is around 10-12 minutes.

The Wild Immersion production team shot footage of animals in 42 countries including Australia, Canada, Colombia, and Sri Lanka, as well as the Amazon.

The Wild Immersion Virtual Reserve programme brings a strong educational message, about the Nature and the situation on species extinctions in the world, particularly for younger generations.

Emilie Matthews, Community Manager at Wild Immersion said: “Our [Wild Immersion] main goal is to encourage people to no longer go to zoos to observe animals behind bars. We are living the sixth mass extinction right now, and we absolutely need to convince people to protect our planet and its endangered species.

“By mesmerising spectators with our Virtual Reality movies, we hope to transmit an eagerness to change one’s lifestyle and become more aware of the impact on the environment that our everyday gestures have.”

Wild Immersion launched the Virtual Reality (VR) films at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Last month, Wild Immersion opened two permanent installations in Paris at the Beaugrenelle Pathé cinema and La Villette Pathé cinema.

The France-based production company will also be taking their VR nature reserve to a temporary exhibition in Zurich, from 15 January.

Wild Immersion donate a portion of profits from ticket sales to supporting real-life nature reserves.

Wild Immersion

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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