PANGAIA: Collective of scientists, technologists and designers create sustainable fashion essentials

PANGAIA – a global collective of scientists, technologists, and designers have come together to create a sustainable wardrobe made from renewable and alternative resources, bio and lab grown materials.

The new business, which launched late last year with the aim of “designing a better future”, has created a core PANGAIA collection of functional basic designed to be lived in and for all aspects of life.

The first PANGAIA collection is wardrobe essentials, ranging from $150 – $900, and is a result of several years of research on circular practices by the Collective. Using bio-based and post-consumer recycled materials and plastic bottles, the collection is comprised of T-shirts, hoodies, track pants and puffer jackets.

The seaweed fibre is made from less water intensive materials like seaweed yarn, and treated with natural peppermint oil to keep it fresher for longer between washes. It can help reduce water waste by up to 3,000 litres over its lifetime, compared to a regular t-shirt.

The PANGAIA collection also includes a hoodie and track pants which are made from recycled materials and plastic bottles.

Another item in PANGAIA’s first collection is an innovative puffer jacket made from wildflower down. The puffer jacket shell is made from post-consumer recycled materials and plastic bottles, and filled with wildflower down resulting in a 100% cruelty free alternative to traditional winter wear.

Light and warm, the flower down puffer is a result of over 10 years’ worth of scientific research by members of the Collective. A limited release, only 100 items have been produced.

Committed to a zero waste circular system, PANGAIA have joined forces with US-based The Renewal Workshop to make sure that each PANGAIA piece lives on by either being repaired and upcycled or recycled on your behalf. This complimentary service will be available later this year.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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