Paws on Plastic: Simple environmental campaign invites dogs and owners to pick up plastic trash on walks

Paws on Plastic, a simple and effective environmentally-friendly idea, is inviting dog owners to pick up two pieces of plastic trash while out walking their hounds.

The simple solution to tackle plastic pollution was devised by primary school teacher, Marion Montgomery, in Stonehaven, Scotland last November. The dog owner was inspired by her eco-conscious dogs who enjoyed picking up plastic bottles on their walks and soon realised that if she and other dog walkers aimed to pick up some plastic waste, they could have a big impact.

With around nine million dogs in the UK alone, the impact from a small act would be huge.

Marion Montgomery said: “The strength of Paws on Plastic is its simplicity. Dog owners are already out there walking their dogs every day. We see the litter. We have a spare bag in our pocket & it just takes a second to pick up a couple of pieces.

“No extra time or effort is required yet if we all do our own wee bit, with over 1,000 of us (we already have over 1,000 members/followers now on Facebook & Twitter) that’s over 2,000 pieces a day, although, as you will see from posts on Facebook, most people pick up more than 2 pieces each as it is rather addictive!”

The instructions are simple: Members pick items up using a spare poo bag and take it home to empty, into a recycling bin if possible, saving the bag to use again.

Paws on Plastic also encourage dog owners to post a photo of their dog on the Paws on Plastic Facebook Page to celebrate their efforts and spread the word.

Marion Montgomery’s old dog Murphy, who passed away in 2015, was the original inspiration for the Paws on Plastic and now she and her Labrador Paddy are on a mission to spread the word.

The primary school teacher’s 13-year-old daughter Katie has even designed a logo to help raise awareness of the initiative.

All images: Paws on Plastic

Paws on Plastic

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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