Food Sharing Hub: Scotland’s first rescued food shop to open in Edinburgh

There’s a new shop in town in Edinburgh – the first “rescued food shop” in Scotland, to be exact.

The Food Sharing Hub, which opens its doors today [19 January] for a special opening party, will offer a variety of food rescued from bakeries to supermarkets.

The store is run by the SHRUB Co-op charity, which has been operating a successful food-sharing scheme in the city for the past five years. The volunteer-led group began in 2013 when students formed Food Sharing Edinburgh – a food waste ”revolution” that operates in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Stirling and Dumfries.

The organisation aims to connect businesses that have excess food and which would otherwise be thrown away, with people that could eat it.

A total of 30 partner businesses have signed up to supply The Food Sharing Hub with rescued food. They include Tesco, Co-op and Lidl. The food will be sold on a Pay As You Feel basis.

Worldwide one-third of all food goes to waste. Supermarkets are a big part of the problem, for example, a single chain wasted 46,684 tonnes of food in 2017.

In central Edinburgh, 27.1 tonnes of food go to waste every week – that’s equivalent of roughly 54,000 meals unnecessarily thrown in the bin while many people suffer from food poverty.

Food Sharing Hub say: “The goal of the Food Sharing Hub is to save surplus food from shops, restaurants and supermarkets from an unnecessary fate in the bin. The food is still fresh and good to eat and you get to pay as you feel.”

The Food Sharing Hub will officially open to the public on 24 January. It will be open Thurs-Saturday between 12-4pm.

Food Sharing Hub

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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