Green Hero: Jackie Chan’s green art exhibition features upcycled art made from movie props

Jackie Chan is revered for his martial arts skills and stunts. And he is also fast becoming revered for his environmental activism too

The legendary martial artist and actor, who has been collecting waste left on his film sets, has opened a new green art exhibit at the Leonardo Museum of Creativity and Innovation in Salt Lake City.

The Green Hero exhibit centres around Jackie Chan’s lifelong passion for making the environment a cleaner place. It features original art made from recycled movie props and materials from sets around the world.

During the making of his movies, Jackie Chan was struck by the enormous waste created on the sets of his films, and in an effort to make positive change, he began commissioning artists to repurpose the materials into a series of incredible and imaginative sculptures, which is now on display at the Leonardo Museum of Creativity and Innovation.

One sculpture was created using light cases from movies and discarded electric bicycles to form an octopus. Another uses disposable paper cups to create a hand prototype based on Jackie Chan’s hand. But the most standout is probably that of a dragon, made from an assortment of scraps of metal and wicker.

Launching the exhibition last week at a special evening event, Jackie Chan revealed the extent of his own resourcefulness – explaining how he’s been using the same bar of soap for eight months, and wears out the soles of his shoes. He also told the audience how he can spend a large chunk of time in a public restroom, using the excess paper towels people have thrown away to clean his surroundings including the floor.

Jackie Chan laughed: “Sometimes my colleagues [say], ‘What’s Jackie doing in the bathroom? He never comes out’. I’m cleaning.”

All of the 18 sculptures on display at the Green Heroes exhibition, which runs from now until 28 April, features work by the Jackie Chan Creation and Art Centre, an international artists’ collective focused on upcycling and sustainability.

The Kung Fu Yoga actor said: “Small changes in our daily lives can have a global impact,” Chan wrote in a press released issued by The Leonardo. “Everyone can be a ‘Green Hero’ if they just take action. It’s advantageous for our cultures to come together and innovate for solutions that improve our world. And I’m excited to kick off this discussion in Utah.”

The Green Hero exhibit also feature a hands-on workstation where visitors can create their own artwork from recyclables, a theatre showing National Geographic’s Jackie Chan: Green Hero documentary and a video message from Jackie Chan to museum guests.

Green Hero is on at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City now until 28 April 2019



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