Plastic Whale create whale-inspired circular office furniture from plastic fished from Amsterdam canals

Plastic fishing company, Plastic Whale have teamed up with office furniture designers, Vepa, to produce high-end furniture made from fished plastic from the Amsterdam canals.

The Plastic Whale Circular Furniture collection consists of a boardroom table, a chair, lamps and acoustic wall panels – all made from plastic fished out of Amsterdam’s canals.

Circularity was central to the team of designers at Vepa, who sought their inspiration from whales. Therefore characteristic elements of the whale have been translated into the designs.

Plastic Whale said: “The ultimate inspiration behind all our designs for Plastic Whale Circular Furniture is the oceans’ most impressive citizen, the whale. Physically unique, dignified and graceful in its movements, this awe-inspiring creature also symbolises the challenge that we are taking on. It is huge and yet extremely vulnerable to environmental damage. Just like the seas that are its home.

“Plastic soup is a huge threat for this incredible mammal, and so we have translated characteristic elements of the whale into the designs. Think, for example, of the look and feel of its skin, the body tissue and the impressive skeleton.”

Particular highlights from Plastic Whale’s current furniture collection is the Whale Boardroom Table and Barnacle Lamp.

The Whale Boardroom Table is akin to a surfacing whale, with its distinctive blowhole and gracious lines. It is made from layers of recycled PET felt, recycled PET foam, and FSC birch wood.

The ingenious Barnacle Lamps, which get their shape from the barnacles found living on a whale’s skin, are made from pressed recycled PET felt. The lamps can be used as a pendant lamp, a decoration on the wall, or simply as an installation.

Plastic trash in waterways is a growing global problem. This year another 8 billion kilos of plastic waste will enter the world’s waters.

Plastic Whale‘s mission is to make the world’s waters plastic-free and create value from plastic waste. It started in 2011 with a single challenge to build a boat made of plastic waste. Today, the social enterprise has a fleet of eleven boats made from Amsterdam canal plastic. It also organises boat trips along Amsterdam’s infamous canals, where visitors can help fish plastic out of the waterways.

Plastic Whale and Vepa are looking to extend their line of circular office furniture. Later this year, they will launch a new line of felt chairs. For the Felt series, 60 PET bottles receive a second life in each scale.

Plastic Whale Circular Furniture

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