Putting Down Roots: Documentary shows communities restoring diverse forests once stripped of their trees

Putting Down Roots is a short film which focuses on communities who are restoring diverse forests in areas that were once stripped of their trees.

From the remote Scottish coast to the foothills of the Himalayas to the Xingu basin in the Amazon, Putting Down Roots shows how stopping deforestation and restoring forests prevents emissions, removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transforms lives.

Forests cover 30% of the land on Earth. Inhabited by indigenous groups, these communities have long been discriminated against and marginalised. But as the links between forests and climate become ever more apparent, Putting Down Roots emphasises how forest communities are vital to the very forests’ survival, and play a leading role in the fight against climate change.

Putting Down Roots was produced by Fern, a NGO dedicated to protecting forests and the rights of people who depend on them.

A recent Fern report suggests that adequate forest governance could greatly contribute to the solution to climate change and strengthen climate action, including through Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

As the Paris Agreement is ratified by each of its signatory states, they commit to put into action their specific national plans to combat climate change. These plans are called Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). Fern believes that these NDCs will have maximum climate impact if they incorporate the best practice from existing forest protection and forest governance schemes.

The Fern report cites the African nation Cameroon, where forest areas subject to governance rules, such as the permanent forest domain, have been found better managed and experience lower deforestation rates than other forest areas.

Links between deforestation and forest degradation and governance have received far too little attention on the international agenda surrounding NDCs, according to Fern.

Putting Down Roots also shows how community-led forest restoration is bolstering rural people’s livelihoods and stemming biodiversity loss, as well as helping in the fight against climate change.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about sustainable lifestyle and green living for publications, and offers content services to planet-friendly businesses. Find out more at Rosamedea.com

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