Ressies Redesign: Surfing brand creating ponchos from upcyled towels and other materials

Netherlands-based brand Ressies Redesign is hitting the beach with its signature style ponchos upcycled from leftover towels and other discarded materials.

The surfwear brand, set up by surfers Carlijn Bartels and her boyfriend Tom, takes discarded towels and materials sourced from beach clubs, surf schools and recycle centres and turns them into ponchos.

Ponchos are ideal cover ups for surfers when getting changed after surfing. Ressies Redesign’s collection of ponchos are an eye-catching blend of swatches featuring bold prints and bright colours in a classic poncho style.

Ressies Redesign collaborate with local social enterprises in Haarlem to create the ponchos – with Carlijn Bartels in charge of most of the designs and a team of sewers responsible for sewing the products.

Ressies Redesign, whose motto is ‘Honest, Clean And Happy’, say: “Our label combines our love of surfing and design with respect for our planet, by using left-over materials in the designs.

“Ressies Redesign was created thanks to the changing poncho. Surfed as we are, we surf the whole year, also in the winter cold. Our surf poncho keeps you warm when changing clothes, but the fingers…Hence the mittens made of woolen blankets and woolen winter jumpers!”

Images credit: Ressies Redesign Facebook page

Ressies Redesign

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