Unfortunately, Ready to Wear: Luka Sabbat’s fashion collection designed to adapt to climate change threats

The fashion industry got a wake up call this week when “creative entrepreneur” extraordinaire Luka Sabbat launched the Unfortunately, Ready to Wear collection – a set of innovative and futuristic fashion essentials designed to adapt to the current climate change threats.

The capsule collection, which will be presented during New York Fashion Week at the Milk Gallery Exhibition from now until 14 February, was created in a collaboration by Luka Sabbat, Milk Studios, and The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

The four-piece collection includes prototypes that address five pressing issues related to climate change: extreme storms, heat waves, air pollution, and infectious diseases, as well as assist environmental refugees.

Fashion essentials were designed to adapt to the current climate change threats — prototypes included solar-powered headphones to combat heat waves and extreme storms; a bandana with interchangeable filters to fight air pollution; a fireproof, water resistant jacket with a hood including a mosquito-net face mask; and a backpack with a water filter that can be re-purposed as a sleeping bag.

The Unfortunately, Ready to Wear collection sends the message that if the environmental crisis does not improve these items will go from novelty to necessity.

Luka Sabbat, who designed the collection and is a regular on the modelling circuit, has prioritised technical utility and practicality over glamour for the Unfortunately, Ready to Wear collection.

Launching the collection, Luka Sabbat said: “If it comes down to the world burning down, who gives a shit about a pair of jeans that looks cool?

“The approach of it is less of an aesthetic design or trying to make it look as cool as possible, I looked at it more from a technical standpoint than a fashion standpoint.”

The 21-year-old Grown-ish actor, who was born into a fashion family, states he “hated the camera and fashion growing up so to end up here is ironic”.

The Unfortunately, Ready to Wear exhibit, currently on display at the Milk Studios in New York’s Chelsea, aims to provide education about climate change. Each item from the collection features a merchandised display, a close-up look at the product materials and the process behind its development, and photography from the look book photographed by Noah Dillon.

In addition to the product vignettes, the exhibit features projection art and a final moment for reflection and action, where visitors can learn more about the issues and how to take action with NRDC to combat them.

A dedicated website, Unfortunately, Ready to Wearwhich launched with the collection is also a call to action by the NRDC for people to commit to making small changes that have big impacts on stabilising the climate such as becoming a more conscious consumer, reducing waste, and speaking up for climate action.

The NRDC says: “Rising sea levels. Historic storms. Destructive fires and floods. Severe droughts. The risks of climate change are real — and it’s time to act. What can you do about it? A lot, actually. Individual actions ignite larger movements of change and help address some of the most pressing challenges of our time, including climate change.”

Unfortunately, Ready to Wear

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about sustainable lifestyle and green living for publications, and offers content services to planet-friendly businesses. Find out more at Rosamedea.com 


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