N’we Jinan: Music programme helping indigenous students find their voice

N’we Jinan is helping indigenous youth to find their voice and express themselves musically and creatively by bringing a mobile studio into schools and community centres across Canada.

The N’we Jinan initiative was founded by hip hop producer and youth worker Dave Hodges in 2014. The Montreal-based producer launched the N’we Jinan music initiative as a response to the lack of artistic programming in remote First Nations communities across Canada.

N’we Jinan travels to indigenous communities across Canada to provide music education to young indigenous people. The mobile studio enables them to learn skills including sound recording and music production. The end product is a video which showcases the community, and features a song written and preformed by the youth.

Through the music programme, N’we Jinan promotes collaboration, builds community, preserves culture and gives a voice to Indigenous artists through creative expression.

N’we Jinan say: “Within the studios’ residency, original songs are created containing messages that focus on cultural identity, language, struggle, love and self acceptance. The tour also gives participating youth an opportunity to create a music video to support the songs they’ve created. This process allows youth to emerge even more out of their shells and gives space for collaborating, teamwork, encouragement, confidence building and community empowerment.”

Since its inception, the programme has visited more than 20 communities, worked with over 600 youth and produced six compilation albums.

N’we Jinan

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