Crying Animals: Artist Julien Nonnon projects images of endangered species on to Alps

French artist Julien Nonnon is aiming to raise awareness of the possible disappearance of animals native to mountainous regions by projecting images of endangered species onto vast alpine cliff-faces.

In his latest photographic series, Crying Animals, Julien Nonnon used gigantic images of the most endangered species from alpine countries – including the wolf, lynx, bear, hawk, ibex, and bearded vulture – to not only reveal the beauty of the animals using light projections, but also to send a strong message.

He took to the French Alps to cast these gigantic light projections of the animals, which in-and-of themselves serve as distress signals.

Julien Nonnon said: “By the ephemeral nature of my luminous frescoes, I wish to make the public aware of the fact that the presence of these animals, in these natural environments, is really threatened.”

The artist is planning to project even more images of distinctive animals in other parts of the world – most notably lions in the Moroccan Atlas, which disappeared in the 1950s; pumas in California, where their extinction was recently confirmed; and gorillas in the Great Lakes Region, where their vulnerability is now increased by conflicts in this region and deforestation.

Julien Nonnon added: “Through the prism of my art, I also want to organise meetings between local populations and stakeholders in environmental and animal protection, to try to rally the young generation in this fight that will be theirs very soon.”

Julien Nonnon

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