Mileece: The artist who facilitates the “music” of plants by translating plant data into soundscapes

Music for plants is not a new thing, but few “facilitate connections between people and plants” through music. That’s where Mileece – a multi-disciplinary sonic artist, environment designer, and renewable energy ambassador – works her magic by attaching small electrodes to plants that conduct the bio-electric emissions coming off of them.

The electromagnetic current is then fed into self-authored software that turns the data into musical notes, so a garden effectively becomes a musical soundscape. Mileece creates the “music” to appeal to both humans, as well as plants themselves.

The London-born artist’s project began in the early 2000s, when Mileece was a Resident Artist at the London School of Economics Innovation Centre. Her debut album, Formations – featuring computer generated compositions inspired by cycles and formations in nature – was hailed by the BBC as “beautiful, real musical science” on its release in 2003.

Her installations have been exhibited at the Migros Museum, Zurich, the Hayward Gallery in London, MOMA, and more. Mileece’s work, promoting ecology through technology and art, has brought her international acclaim.

Mileece is the founder of Children of Wild, an organisation of cutting edge technology partners and conservation groups actively engaged in developing experiences and systems to bring people in closer connection to nature. She is also on the Board of Directors of Cygnus Atratus Group for fuel cell innovation, helping to promote renewable energy based arts and culture and advancing fuel cell manufacturing to promote waste to energy markets.


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