Pancake Day Recipes

Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, has arrived! Whether you start your day with these versatile treats or have an evening blow out with your family or friends, there are numerous ways of making pancakes and even more choices when it comes to toppings.

Like anyone needs an excuse to indulge in pancakes, but what’s the deal with Pancake Day exactly? Every year, Pancake Day falls 47 days before Easter Sunday so the date moves.

Pancakes became associated with Shrove Tuesday for a simple reason: their ingredients. For Christians, Shrove Tuesday marks the last day before Lent, traditionally a period of abstinence, associated with clearing cupboards of goods such as sugar, fats and eggs. The day before the season starts is therefore seen as the ideal time to make pancakes as a means to use up leftover eggs, milk and sugar.

Introductions to Pancake Day done, so now then how will you make yours? The below recipe is a simple take on the British classic – Pancakes with Lemon and Sugar.

Or if you prefer your pancakes French crepe stylee, check out the below recipe for buckwheat pancakes:

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