Bring essential oil fragrance in to the home with Alessi’s Lava Stone Diffuser

If you like essential oils but are looking for a way to use their powerful aromas in your home without having to use an electronic diffuser or oil burner, Alessi’s Lava Stone Diffuser will be a welcome all natural addition to your home.

Featuring a fragment of lava stone from Sardinia, the Alessi Lava Stone Diffuser design uses the porous qualities of lava stone to enliven the home with scent. The idea is that you add drops of essential oil onto the lava stone, which releases fragrance in the home.

Lava stones are volcanic rocks that are buried deep in the earth, which, over the years have transformed into an eclectic mixture of fire and earth. These rocks are abundant in minerals and have been used by several ancient cultures around the world for thousands of years for their impressive balancing and protective benefits.

Lava stones are excellent aroma diffusers as they are porous, and are capable of holding the scent of the oil for many days. Given the craters present in lava stones, they are capable of absorbing the essential oils particulary well.

Magickally, lava stones are considered to be a stone of rebirth. Known for its grounding and calming healing properties, lava stone is great for stabilising the root chakra.

Alessi Lava Stone Diffuser is available from Amazon and other online retailers

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