Microcosm of the Macrocosm: 7 Planet-Focused Stories from Around the World

Here’s a roundup of some of the stories that have captured Life & Soul Magazine’s attention this week:

1. Microplastics Are Polluting Lakes And Rivers Across Britain, Study Suggests The Huffington Post reports on research by Bangor University and Friends of the Earth which has found 10 sites including Ullswater in the Lake District, Loch Lomond in Scotland and the River Thames, as well as a reedbeed, a reservoir and a waterfall, all contained “microplastics”.

2. Is Banning Cigarette Filters a Viable Solution to dealing with discarded cigarette butts? – Many experts think a ban is the only way to end this pervasive form of litter and there is also a strong public health case, Audubon Magazine argues.

3. Women are at the forefront of taking climate action CNN meets five groups taking climate action around the world, who are led by women.

4. Paying homage to Canada’s indigenous women – From a hockey player, a chef through to the co-founder of a consulting agency that serves as a bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, CBC meets 10 Indigenous women who are following their passions in 2019.

5. First gin made from discarded grapes to be sold at Tesco – Hyke gin is part of effort to drive down UK’s annual £20bn food waste bill, The Guardian reports.

6. All change in the restaurant industry as chefs consider the environmentVice UK report on how chefs are working to change things in the restaurant industry, from sourcing locally to clamping down on single-use plastics.

7. World entangled in plastic waste – A report by World Wide Fund for Nature says since the year 2000, the world has used more plastics than in all the years before, Al Jazeera examines.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about sustainable lifestyle and green living for publications, and offers content services to planet-friendly businesses. Find out more at Rosamedea.com 

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