FastFeetGrinded turning used sneakers into new products

The recycling and reuse of every product is possible and is imminent – right down to those used sneakers it appears.

FastFeetGrinded collects used shoes, pulverises and separates them in a Netherlands-based factory and supplies the granulate as raw material to producers of playgrounds, outdoor sports fields, athletics tracks and sports shoes.

The Netherlands-based business, along with local retailers, collects old shoes – running shoes and sneakers, in particular – then sorts them and disassembles in such a way so that different materials are obtained. Those materials are fed back into the footwear manufacturing supply chain or manufactured into new products such as playground flooring and sports fields.

The collection, sorting, processing and recycling of the shoes are done in-house at FastFeetGrinded’s Susteren warehouse.

FastFeetGrinded are able to deconstruct the sports shoes they collect into three types of raw materials including FFGRD RUBBER, FFGRD FOAM and FFGRD FIBER.

FFGRD RUBBER is obtained from the sole of the sports shoe. It is used as a top layer for tracks, children’s playgrounds and gyms. In this way, the top layer can consist of 100% recycled material.

FFGRD FOAM is obtained from the intermediate layer of the sports shoe. It is lighter and more flexible as rubber. This makes it suitable as underlay under tracks, as infill material for synthetic turf pitches.

While FFGRD FIBER is obtained from the upper of the sports shoe. It is a High Quality material and can, for example, be used in horse trails like geopad.

FastFeetGrinded say: “Playing sports and playing “on” your old shoes and actively contributing to a circular economy, that’s exactly how we do it together.”


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about sustainable lifestyle and green living for publications, and offers content services to planet-friendly businesses. Find out more at 


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