Model Market: Bangkok’s first upcycle-focused night market opens in Thonglor

Bangkok is famous for its night markets, now there’s a new night market in town, Model Market, focused entirely on upcycling.

What is being heralded as Bangkok’s first upcycle market, the entire concept of Bangkok’s brand new food, beverage, and entertainment urban space is that everything is recycled or reused. The aim of Model Market is to promote sustainability by eliminating single-use plastic and minimising negative environmental impact through upcycling.

The brainchild of Fenix Food World, Model Market, located in Thonglor, boasts an outdoor space dotted with food stands, a communal dining area, a casually set-up stage and upcycle stores. The urban space, which opened last month, is decked out in graffiti, fairy lights, and upcycled metal sculptures, tables and chairs.

Fenix Food World said: “Our mission is to convert abandoned urban spaces into unique casual social spaces with great eating & drinking atmosphere. We hope to drive awareness of the global issues with plastic waste.

“Model Market is aiming to find a better way of creating an urban space for people by limiting environmentally unfriendly practices.”

Model Market is also home to food trucks and pop-ups by well-known names on the Bangkok food and bar scene including Fat Boy Smokehouse, Peppina, Tropic City, The Iron Fairies, Nitro Labs, Whisky Garden by Jameson, and Siam Winery.

Promoting the use of eco-friendly practices, the use of plastic straws, plastic utensils and non-biodegradable items are totally prohibited from the area.

A ReMaker Upcycling Studio hosts weekly public workshops, expeditions, art installations and upcycling materials that guests can interact with in order to show people how they can take steps towards a sustainable lifestyle.

And anyone with pre-loved clothes, books, or toys can donate them to the local recycling initiatives at the market or haul them in for a clothes swap.

Model Market is open seven days a week between 5pm and 12am, with music provided by DJs during the week, and gigs by local and international musicians on the weekends.

Fenix Food World intend to expand to various locations in 2020, making use of abandoned locations including car parks, local markets, train stations and warehouse blocks.

Images Credit: Model Market Facebook page

Model Market

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about sustainable lifestyle and green living for publications, and offers content services to planet-friendly businesses. Find out more at


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