Thai supermarket uses banana leaf packaging to eliminate use of plastic

Thai supermarket Rimping is now using banana leaves as packaging instead of plastic.

The leaves are used to hold together bunches of chillies, spring onions, and peppers, with a flexible piece of bamboo tied to keep everything in place.

In tropical countries, banana leaves are a perfect alternative to plastic wraps as they’re readily available, and often get discarded otherwise.

The Chiang Mai-based supermarket – which is primarily aimed at non-Thai customers who live, work or stay in Thailand for extended periods – has found a biodegradable packaging that can be composted afterwards. Although Rimping still use some plastic for the label, they have significantly reduced the need for single-use plastic with the banana leaves packaging. 

News of the banana leaf packaging was posted on Facebook by a local real estate company in the city, Perfect Homes, where it garnered widespread attention globally, with over 16,500 shares.

Images Credit: Perfect Homes Facebook page

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