Good Net: New project turning ghost nets into volleyball nets launches on Copacabana Beach

Good Net, a new project which upcycles discarded fishing nets into volleyball nets for local communities, has been launched on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach.

The Good Net project is a team effort between the international governing body for volleyball, FIVB, and the marine conservation group, Ghost Fishing, acting as one to remove Ghost Nets from the ocean and give them new life as volleyball nets.

Every year, 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear finds its way into the oceans, where it continues to trap marine wildlife, including whales, dolphins, turtles and fish of all kinds. Good Net aims to raise global awareness of the problem while also contributing to the solution.

Ghost Fishing works with local groups of divers and salvage companies, to successfully remove ghost nets from seas and oceans around the world. During diving operations, the lost, abandoned or discarded fishing gear is located and carefully brought to the surface before being taken ashore for reuse and recycling.

Good Net launched on Copacabana Beach earlier this month. Copacabana is said to be the spiritual home of beach volleyball, the sport’s most recent Olympic venue and home to a commercial fishing community.

Good Net says: “Giving ghost nets new life as volleyball nets is a powerful example of the circular economy that is key to a sustainable future for us all. The Good Net project is already using the traditional techniques used to repair fishing nets in order to upcycle them into volleyball nets. And with ghost nets now being recycling into nylon yarn for widespread use, the next step will be to create new nets from old.”

Good Net aims to recycle many ghost nets into volleyball nets for use by local communities around the world.

Good Net

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