Végétalisons Paris: Parisians encouraged to green their city by planting public gardens

Végétalisons Paris is encouraging citizens of Paris to get involved in “greening the city” by planting their own urban garden.

Participants can green the capital in various ways, from cultivating greenery in front of their homes or offices, to creating living walls to a rooftop garden.

Paris has a lack of green space. The municipality of Paris has set a target to increase the amount of green space in the city by 100,000 hectares by next year, and the local government hope to achieve this by giving Parisians the opportunity to become citizen gardeners.

Under the scheme, anyone can add a touch of green the city’s public spaces by applying for a license from the Mairie de Paris (Mayor of Paris). Paris Greening Permit has provided some 3000 citizens with an opportunity to get involved in “greening the city”, with permits valid for three years (with the option to renew).

While all ideas are welcomed by the Mairie de Paris, each participant is required to sign a charter that ensures the planting of only native species and the flowering of plants that attract bees and butterflies particularly. The Mairie de Paris have a list of recommended plants that promote biodiversity. The charter also instructs that no toxic pesticides be used, and that all plantlings be maintained.

Participants have planted herbs at the base of trees, placed a few potted flowers outside their building, installed planters for tomatoes and peas, or created little pots of flowers attached to the poles along the sidewalks.

The Mairie de Paris also provides gardeners with seed and soil for their project If people need advice or want to learn about  gardening, they can go to a ‘Gardening House’ where professional gardeners are available to help. In addition, meetings are organised to talk about projects, innovative ideas and sources of finance.

Picture credits: Végétalisons Paris

Végétalisons Paris

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