ArmedAngels: The “Robin Hood” of the fashion industry emphasising eco and fair timeless clothing

ArmedAngels is a Germany-based fashion label that is injecting everyday chic into sustainable fashion, creating timeless pieces that work in-sync with conscious consumers wanting to create a capsule wardrobe.

The sustainable fashion brand, which specialises in womenswear and menswear that is both “eco and fair”, creates functional and timeless fashion in sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool, recycled polyester, Lenzing Modal® and Tencel®.

ArmedAngels’ womenswear collection includes organic cotton T-shirts, sweaters and dresses made from organic cotton mix, tunic dresses in lenzing, and A-line tencell skirts.

The menswear collection includes organic cotton T-shirts, sweat jackets made from an organic cotton mix, and organic cotton denim.

Sustainable or eco-friendly fashion is fast becoming the go-to for shoppers who care about the planet and what they put on their bodies. There are a growing number of fashion brands dedicated to sustainable fashion who are making it more accessible to everyone. For ArmedAngels it has been their life-long mission to develop a fashion business that employs methods that are sound for both the environment and people since setting up the label in 2008.

According to ArmedAngels founders Martin Höfeler and Anton Jurina, the brand name succinctly sums up what they stand for. The Cologne-based designers said: “The name symbolises a kind of ‘Robin Hood’ of the fashion industry. An armed angel fighting against the injustice and the deficiencies of the industry. Someone who turns words into actions.

“Our core values as a brand are ‘Timeless design instead of fast fashion, sustainable materials instead of cheap mass-produced goods and fair production instead of wage slavery. Everyone has the choice.” Apart from that, I would like to emphasise that sustainability is business as usual for us. We do not see it or make it a part of our strategy, it is the basis of our strategy and of all operations. That must be clear. We live and breathe sustainability and it is integrated into all our processes.”

ArmedAngels is available online from the ArmedAngels website as well as other online fashion retailers, and selected retail outlets.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about sustainable lifestyle and green living for publications, and offers content services to planet-friendly businesses. Find out more at 



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