Street art project, Happy City Birds, creates more than 3,500 birdhouses from upcycled materials

Danish street artist Thomas Dambo is helping to provide a humble abode for the bird population thanks to his birdhouses – made from upcycled materials – found in urban centres all over the world.

The ongoing project, Happy City Birds, sees Thomas Dambo and his team install the birdhouses against buildings, grouped on tall poles, or spaced throughout existing trees.

Since 2006, more than 3500 birdhouses in different shapes and colours have been installed all over the world. Some the birdhouses, the street artist and his crew made themselves, while others were co-created in various workshops.

All of the birdhouses are made from recycled materials and scrapwood, in line with Thomas Dambo’s specialism in creating upcycled art. Paint used for the colourful birdhouses was donated by Danish paint company Dyrup who donated a tins of  wrongfully toned paint to Thomas Dambo’s project.

The idea for Happy City Birds sprung from Thomas Dambo, who being a former grafitti artist, was looking for a way to do street art in a positive way, that everyone could understand. He said: “Not everyone understands grafitti, but even [my] grandmother understands the purpose of birdhouses.”

Thomas Dambo’s birdhouses can be found mainly in Arken, Denmark as well as Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and Horsens. Many of the birdhouses have been used for making big sculptures and art projects, while others have been spread all over different cities including further afield in the Lebanese capital of Beirut and in Berlin, Germany.

Picture Credits: Thomas Dambo

Happy City Birds

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