Bahia Denim: Furniture with a marble-like appearance made from discarded denim

There are numerous ways in which denim can be upcycled or recycled, and now designer Sophie Rowley has found an ingenious way to turn the hardy fabric into furniture.

The Berlin-based takes post-consumer denim offcuts from the production waste of fashion industries and from households to create the new material.

Sophie Rowley layers the textile offcuts on top of each other and then binds them together using bioresin, a plastic made from organic compounds instead of petroleum, and laying them over various moulds. She then carves them into different shapes and assembles them in to pieces of furniture.

Each design is unique – varying in size, shade, colour and texture by the very nature of the process and the waste materials used.

The project is aptly named Bahia Denim after the Brazilian blue marble Azul Bahia given in this case, the denim’s resemblance to marble.

Sophie Rowley’s project was born when she started experimenting with different ways of reworking household waste, beginning with more commonplace remnants such as glass, styrofoam, textiles, and plastics.

Before working with denim textiles, the designer researched the construction of sedimentary rocks, which are formed from the broken remains of other rocks that become fused together. She then attempted to replicate this additive nature by building up layers of denim waste, using different shades and sizes of the material to develop varied and vibrant patterns.

Sophie Rowley

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