Bee Saviour Cards to help revive exhausted bees takes #savethebees to the streets

Bee Saviour Behaviour are encouraging people to help revive bees with a sugar solution carrier for the wallet or purse.

Taking #savethebees to the streets, Bee Saviour Cards are credit-card sized cards, made out of old cards destined for landfill, which contains a small amount of sugar solution to revive bees.

A bee can only fly for so long between flowers before it runs out of energy. Inspiring new communities of Bee Saviour citizens, the idea is that you take the card out whenever you spot an exhausted bee. The card can be placed beside the bee to feed it.

Each card contains three indentations containing a beekeepers’ formula, secured by foil-backed stickers which can be peeled off. Once the solution is finished, the credit card sized sugar solution carrier can be returned and refilled.

The brainchild of community development worker Dan Harris, the Bee Saviour Cards is part of the Bee Saviour Behaviour project. The Norwich-based initiative has already exceeded its crowdfunding target of £18,000 on Crowdfunder.

Dan Harris said: “There’s never been a time the world has needed Bee Saviour Citizens more! We know that the act of reviving one bee won’t reverse bee population decline.

“What we do know is the moment has come for a global community of people who feel connected to their local bees and are motivated to take action to reduce bee population decline and promote biodiversity.

“Reviving a bee creates moments to inspire a generation of Bee Saviour Citizens!”

Bee Saviour Behaviour

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about sustainable lifestyle and green living for publications, and offers content services to planet-friendly businesses. Find out more at

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