Aroboretum: New London members club aims to connect planet-friendly people

Arboretum, an independent members’ club and coworking space for planetary changemakers, is to open in London later this month.

A place for people who “care about the planet to convene, create and collaborate” near London’s Trafalgar Square, Arboretum is the brainchild of hospitality entrepreneur Ronald Ndoro, responsible for the Library members’ club in Covent Garden.

Breaking away from mainstream members’ clubs, Arboretum aims to attract socially minded entrepreneurs keen to collaborate to find solutions to environmental challenges. It is a place to work, learn, play and to relax over seasonal and locally sourced food and drinks.

Ronald Ndoro told the Thomson Reuters Foundation: “A traditional members’ club is about elitism and exclusivity – it’s basically about people meeting and socialising, drinking with no particular purpose in mind other than networking.

“The difference here is we [Arboretum] are trying to build a community of people who want to make a difference, people who want to make a social impact.

“Arboretum provides a platform to inspire positive action. It puts forward a fresh and dynamic approach to sustainability, which is embedded into the ethos of the club.”

With a strong emphasis on the natural world and the environment, the greenery-filled Arboretum brims with luscious plant life and sports a ceiling garden and a coworking space set in an indoor forest.

Arboretum also a plant powered deli, meditation pods and a yoga studio as well as rooms to stay in overnight – all aimed at helping to increase members’ productivity, concentration and wellbeing.

Arboretum found that 53% of Brits felt being around plants actively enhanced their mood and research by NASA showed that houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours.

Ronald Ndoro added: “In the world right now you have people with a lot of ideas. What’s missing it’s the ability to collaborate on those ideas and turn them into tangible change, or tangible transformation.

“So the idea is to bring people together, put all the ideas on the table, pick the best ones and then create a community to work together and makes those changes happen.”

There are also plans for climate awareness initiatives, which would encourage members to cycle and walk to the club. An exhibition of photographs by Adrian Houston, who has travelled the world photographing trees that hold a special meaning for people, is the first event to kick off Arboretum’s activities.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at




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