Honey Highway: Transforming roadsides with strips of flowers for bees to survive and thrive

Honey Highway is an initiative that is transforming roadsides in the Netherlands into flowery patches, by sowing plants and flowers, that are helping the bee population to survive and thrive.

The project aims to create more bee-friendly places by sowing the right seeds in as many places as possible.

As part of the project, roadsides of the national roads, train tracks and dikes  all get sown with Honey Highway flower seeds which are tailored to the type of ground and circumstances.

The roadside is the perfect place to sow flower seeds given that the ground of the roadside is among the only places that isn’t chemically treated and where the soil is thin. Elsewhere in the Netherlands, there is protein-rich ryegrass or the ground is treated with chemical fertiliser.

The A4 between Delft and Schiedam is to be the first “Honey Highway” in the world. On Saturday flowers, specially selected to provide food for bees, were sown along the roadside, the Rijkswaterstaat announced on Sunday.

The aim is to help increase the rapidly disappearing bee populations in the Netherlands. The strip of flowers is 7 kilometers long and the initiators hope that other places in the Netherlands and Europe will follow this example.

The Honey Highway project started in 2016. To date, over 90 kilometres of Dutch roadside has been transformed into Honey Highway.

The A4 between Delft and Schiedam was the first strip of roadside to get the Honey Highway treatment. Flowers were especially selected to provide food for bees and to help increase bee populations across this 7km-long strip of roadside.

Deborah Post, founder of Honey Highway, hopes that other places in the Netherlands and Europe will follow their example.

Honey Highway

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com

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