Children’s Garden opens at Kew Gardens helping kids to learn about what plants need to grow

A new Children’s Garden, which provides an interactive space for kids to learn about the elements and everything a plant needs to grow, is opening at Kew Gardens this weekend [Saturday 18 May].

The garden, set in a natural setting the size of 40 tennis courts wrapped around a 200-year-old oak in the centre, is a space for kids aged 2-12 to learn about the things that plants need to grow – essentially the elements: earth, air, sun and water.

In the Earth Garden children can weave through a living bamboo tunnel, explore a jungle of large leafed palms and slide down ‘worm-hole’ tubes. Through this experience, there’s opportunities to learn about earth science, from germination to plants with interesting roots.

Through a ring of sunflowers and pink candy floss grass, sits the Sun Garden with its windy and twisted paths. Cherry blossoms from a row of cherry trees and hoop frames, made of apple and pear trees, make for a real sensory adventure.

At the Water Garden, kids can clamber over large natural stone boulders at a stream and splash pool with stepping stones inspired by the giant waterlily. Planted with horsetails, ferns and giant rhubarb, it’s a space for kids to learn about the vital role of the water cycle.

The Air Garden features colourful spinning windflowers, giant pollen spheres and bubbles that imitate seeds floating on the breeze. There’s also hammocks and periscopes to enjoy gazing at the sky, a tree-lined amphitheatre for storytime, and trampolines to get in touch with the air.

Images Credit: Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

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