Microcosm of the Macrocosm: 7 Planet-Focused Stories from Around the World

Here’s a roundup of some of the stories that have captured Life & Soul Magazine’s attention this week:

1. Meet the Arctic farmer hoping to make his town more sustainable – The BBC meets Ben Vidmar who grows vegetables in the most northerly town on Earth – Longyearbyen, on the Arctic’s Svalbard Islands. It is a hostile natural environment for plants, with no daylight for three months each year. Residents rely on air freight for much of their produce, and Ben Vidmar wants to make it more sustainable.

2. Venice is flooded with tourists – visit these floating cities instead National Geographic reports on the world’s historic harbours that rival’s Italy “City of Canals” and how to see them responsibly.

3. How One Entrepreneur Is Helping Families Go Zero Waste Forbes speaks with Sebastien Gauthier of BlueRock, a bamboo toothbrush subscription service, helping families across the world who are eager to reduce their environmental impact.

4. Renewable energy company to launch sustainable menu on Sweden’s Zero Island – Neste has joined forces with Swedish chef Jonas Svensson to create a ‘Zero Menu’ highlighting the individual’s role in lowering emissions, to be served on the Zero Island Lidö initiative in the Swedish archipelago, The Drink’s Business reports.

5. Good Club aims to be ‘world’s first zero-waste online grocer’ – Direct-to-consumer grocer Good Club is looking to expand its green credentials by becoming “the world’s first zero-waste online supermarket” aiming for a closed loop for its packaging, The Grocer Reports.

6. The eco-friendly Edinburgh restaurant where plastic’s off the menuThe Scotsman meets award-winning Edinburgh-based chef, Jérôme Henry, who has turned his back on a revolutionary cooking technique seen on the likes of popular BBC show Masterchef in a bid to cut his impact on the environment.

7. Nike shares an open source manual on Sustainable Design for everyone in the industry – Created in collaboration with Central Saint Martins students and staff, Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design aims to make sustainable design a mainstay of the industry.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about sustainable lifestyle and green living for publications, and offers content services to planet-friendly businesses. Find out more at Rosamedea.com 


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