Brewery creates machine that crushes beer bottles into a sand substitute to save New Zealand’s beaches

New Zealand-based brewery DB Breweries is aiming to protect and preserve its shorelines and reverse the country’s sand shortage by turning its used beer bottles into environmentally-friendly sand.

The campaign, Beer Bottle Sand, aims to keep recyclable glass out of landfill and sand on the beaches of New Zealand, where erosion has noticeably receded the once vast beach expanses of the island.

In New Zealand, three out of every twelve beers sold end up in landfill. DB Breweries launched the Beer Bottle Sand project in 2017 with the aim to reduce the country’s dependence on beach-derived sand.

DB Breweries has built a fleet of machines that let their drinkers instantly turn their empty bottles into a sand substitute.

The Beer Bottle Sand Machines machines are available at local bars and community hot spots where consumers put empty bottles of DB Export Beer in to the Beer Bottle Sand Machines.

Each machine can reduce an empty bottle into sand substitute in just 5 seconds. The process starts with a laser triggering a bunch of beer bottle-pulverising steel hammers and ends with 200 grams of sand for each bottle inserted.

The sand substitute, which is then distributed to local landscape and construction companies, can be used to replenish the shorelines and even build sea walls, which help with erosion, and for use in road building and other construction projects.

Beer Bottle Sand Project

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