Hunting Pollution: Rome’s giant tri-coloured heron mural made from anti-pollution paint helping to save the environment

Rome’s issues with road traffic and air pollution are well documted, but now a member of the natural world has come to its rescue by way of a huge mural of a tri-coloured heron created using anti-pollution paint.

The mural by Milanese street artist Federico Massa, aka Iena Cruz, stretches over 1000 square-metres of a seven-story building in the Ostiense district. Entitled Hunting Pollution, the giant tri-coloured heron, a bird native to coastal zones of the Americas, was painted entirely using Airlite paint, which neutralises pollutants and smog, returning the air to a purer state.

The amount of paint used to create Hunting Pollution has the ability to clean the air to the same extent as a 30-tree forest.

Created in the woods of Trentino Alto Adige by Italian startup Advanced Materials, Airlite paint neutralises pollutants returning air to a purer state. It reduces substances that are harmful to health and those that cause the greenhouse effect. In particular, it eliminates obnoxious gases such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides (NOx and SOx).

Iena Cruz said: “The inspiration to use the heron is above all because it’s an animal in danger of extinction. Most of my work is influenced by the desire to bring attention to environmental problems, like global warming and the extinction of animal species.” He continues, “I’m an artist that is also strongly influenced by the site: in the case of this specific mural, the long and elegant heron married perfectly with the height of the building.”

Hunting Pollution was commissioned by Yourban2030, a female non-profit group that strives to bring awareness to environmental issues through art, cinema, fashion, and music.

Street artist Iena Cruz aims to create Airlite paint murals in other cities around the world, particularly in the United States, where he’s currently based.

Iena Cruz

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