Album Review: Marcos Valle – Sempre

People’s first introduction to the legendary Marcos Valle is quite likely via his disco hit, Estrelar. This classic, released in 1983, serves as a warm welcome for all generations to the Brazilian singer, songwriter whose career has spanned several decades. Naturally, the musician has numerous strings to his bow – as well as a singer in his own right, he is also known for his production talents – and once you delve deeper in to Marcos Valle’s back catologue, you’ll see there’s a lot more to him than Estrelar and a wide musical range too – everything from bossa nova, pop, disco, jazz-funk, soul, and progressive rock.

Marcos Valle’s new album Sempre touches on this scope with elements of boogie, pop, samba, jazz-funk and disco. The album opens with what the Brazilian legend always does well – Olha Quem ta Chegando sliding through disco and funk – while title-track Sempre finds Marcos Valle at his boogiest best.

Anyone who’s a fan of Brazilian jazz-funk trio, Azymuth, also Marcos Valle’s label mates, will recognise those signature riffs, as bassist Alex Malheiros features on all the tracks. Fortunately then there’s a lot of jazz-funk vibes throughout Sempre.

According to Far Out Recordings, “lyrically the new album is closely reminiscent of Valle’s progressive early seventies’ releases. Heralding love, tolerance and living in the present, while satirising political corruption, the new release recalls a time in which Valle, together with his brother Paulo Sergio, was writing subtly subversive lyrics in order to bypass the censorship imposed by the military dictatorship, which ruled over Brazil between 1964 and 1985.”

As one whose career spans six decades, Sempre demonstrates Marcos Valle’s agility and willingness to always keep “expanding the horizons”, so to speak, and he does it effortlessly. Feel good vibes are consistently heard throughout Sempre, and while this album had been downloaded on to my desktop waiting to be listened to and reviewed for sometime now, I now know why. Divine timing, as they say. After a hot day caught in slow traffic trying to get from one end of London to another, coming home and listening to Sempre was the perfect antidote. A tonic of positive energy in its truest and purest sense.

Marcos Valle’s Sempre is out now on Far Out Recordings 

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