Farmers of the Future: Short film documents Nepal’s women farmers leading on climate-smart agriculture

Farmers of the Future is a short film showing how Nepal’s women farmers are leading on climate-smart agriculture.

The film focuses on a project funded by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) which set out to improve Nepalese women’s knowledge of climate smart agriculture techniques, improving rainwater collection, and introduce new tools to help women sell what their farms produce.

Climate-smart agriculture is important for the Nepalese farmers because it helps them to tackle food security and adaptation to climate change.

Around 300 women farmers from the high mountains, mid hills and Terai plains of Nepal are now being mentored in climate-smart agriculture.

The CDKN-funded project has improved Nepali women’s knowledge of techniques such as rainwater collection to help them become more climate-resilient. New drip irrigation systems have cut water use by 30%, helping to conserve precious water.

Solar-powered pumps have revitalised irrigation systems and made fields far more productive, while also doing away with the need for polluting diesel pumps. The introduction of biofertilisers and bio-pest control has increased the yields, in some fields, by 15-20%.

In the mid-altitude hills of Nepal, where hailstones have a tendency to ruin crops, the project has helped women farmers construct simple plastic tunnels to protect their crops.

The project has also fostered a new group of female entrepreneurs. Among other tools, it has introduced an SMS messaging service to help women sell their farm produce in local markets.

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