b-box: Urban-friendly hive aims to encourage the bee population and a colony of home beekeepers

b-box is encouraging people to help the bee population by becoming beekeepers with their compact plywood-enclosed colony – their first ever hive designed for home beekeeping on balconies or in backyards.

The b-box, designed by Italian company beeing, is made predominantly of wood that has been cut into panels and layered with polycarbonate to create a warm exterior. Together, these materials form the main structure, which encloses the hive, with a removable panel that allows home beekeepers to view the bees at work. The removable panel makes it easier and safer than lifting the lid on a regular hive, and is not disruptive to the colony.

bees enter via a 2.2 metre long chimney, which has an opening at the top so that the beekeeper can observe the hive without disturbing exit and entry. b-box has also been designed to require less than 1 metre square of space, so it is urban-friendly.

beeing has designed a patent pending honey harvesting system that safely separates the honey from where the bees live. Sat atop the main hive, a series of honeycomb chambers enclosed in a perspex box lets users observe the honey making process without the need for protective clothing.

With the pull of a lever you can separate the honeycomb chamber from the rest of the hive. Bees will be able to exit the honeycomb chamber but not enter and the chamber empties out within a few hours. Then you can harvest your honey in a bee free environment, without the need for protective clothing. No bees die in the process.

beeing is the brainchild of Roberto Pasi and Gabriele Garavini. Roberto Pasi’s grandparents kept bees in the Italian countryside and those traditions have been handed down. Combining that traditional knowledge with Gabriele Garavini’s passion for technology and innovation  – beeing was born. Ultimately, the pair want to simplify the process of beekeeping to encourage a new generation of harvesting as well as help increase the bee population.

beeing said: “b-box is, at its core, a bee hive. We aren’t pretending otherwise! But the traditional beehive we all think of today was invented over 150 years ago for professional use. It’s time that home beekeeping caught up with modern technology! That’s why we’ve re-engineered the traditional beehive to be more people and bee friendly – not to mention better adapted for domestic use.”

b-box, which has been three-years in the making, is currently ready for production and beeing is accepting pre-orders via an Indiegogo campaign, which closes in a few weeks. As of 9 July, the company has exceeded its goal of €40,000 by 300% to more than €120,000. The first shipments of b-box are expected in November.

To support beeing’s b-box campaign, visit their Indiegogo page

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com


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