The Green Weigh: Zero-waste shop on wheels set up by four Dorset-based mothers brings planet friendly products to locals

Four Dorset-based mums are helping local residents to reduce their impact on the planet with their zero-waste shop on wheels, The Green Weigh.

The Green Weigh, which started life in August 2018, aims to provide an alternative to those who want to reduce their plastic impact and buy food free from packaging, whilst reaching communities who may be isolated. The zero-waste shop on wheels – a van otherwise known as Gertie – visits local markets in towns and villages across east Devon and west Dorset with their ethically-sourced and affordable products.

The Green Weigh currently sells both organic and non-organic packaging free wholefoods, personal care and household items.

Having grown up in the town of Bridport, close to England’s Jurassic Coast and its beaches, The Green Weigh founders have always had an awareness of their environment. With a concern for the amount of plastic pollution and its impact on the environment, the four mothers – Alex Green, Kate Robertson, Libby Rogers and Lora Pascoe – decided to set up their mobile zero-waste shop.

The four were brought together through their lifestyle choices of living sustainably and teaching their children to respect the environment. So when one of the mothers, Alex Green, visited the UK’s first zero waste shop in Totnes, Earth. Food. Love. in 2017, the concept of a zero-waste shop of some sorts in her local vicinity seemed like a perfect opportunity.

In an interview with Sustainable Dorset, Alex Green said: “Buying groceries in a zero waste way made so much sense to me, so I returned to Earth. Food. Love with Kate, Lora and Libby in 2018 for a zero waste consultancy. They were so open and encouraging, providing us with all the information we needed to make the idea of a zero waste shop in Bridport a reality.”

The idea for making the shop mobile by putting it on wheels originated when considering the demographic of Bridport, it’s surrounding villages and wider community. “We felt that the message of plastic free shopping would be better delivered into the community if we took the shop to the people” Libby Rogers told Sustainable Dorset.

The Green Weigh is one of a number of mobile zero-waste shops run by women in the UK. Charlotte’s Cupboard, servicing shoppers in Sussex, is a vegan-friendly, plastic-free shop, which runs on electric wheels.

Images Credit: The Green Witch Facebook page

The Green Weigh

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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