Rehouse a plant from Hampton Court Flower Show through House of Wayward Plants’ adoption scheme

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show may be over but it leaves with it a legacy of plants which are fortunately now up for adoption thanks to an initiative by Wayward Plants.

House of Wayward Plants, which facilitates large-scale community plant exchanges and adoption events for unwanted plants, have teamed up with the National Trust to allow several thousands of plants and materials from one of the world’s most prestigious flower shows to be rehomed.

The collective of designers, artists and urban growers is inviting the public to attend events at Smithfield Rotunda Garden on Saturday 20 July and Morden Hall Park on Saturday 27 July. Visitors can fill out a Wayward Plants adoption form, stating how they will care for the plant and where it will live for the opportunity to rehome one of the plants for free.

Wayward say: “Wayward takes a unique approach to landscape through the creation of narrative environments. Our projects express stories that connect people through nature, creating vibrant places which are productive, meaningful and imaginative. Our projects are platforms for collaboration, experimentation and creative innovation. Our exchanges are an irreverant, warm, meaningful and engaging vehicle to connect people through plants and their stories.”

Since 2006, House of Wayward’s plant exchanges have emerged in major museums, festivals, farmers markets, and throughout urban garden projects.

The National Trust is working closely with Wayward to establish a base for House of Wayward Plants at Morden Hall Park, as well as an innovative recycle-reuse centre for plants and landscape materials.

Wayward Plants

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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