The Doger Café: Madrid’s canine-friendly café where visitors can enjoy a coffee and adopt a puppy

A canine-friendly cafe in Madrid, The Doger Café, is welcoming homeless puppies to find their ideal forever home.

Visitors to The Doger Café in Madrid can sit down and enjoy a coffee and vegetarian food before going home with a new pet. The cafe is the first of its kinds to welcome homeless puppies and to help them find an ideal adopter.

The Doger Café team feed the puppies, care for and pamper them daily, all thanks to the visits of their customers. Part of the proceeds from each sale goes toward puppy care.

Founders Roberto Aláez and Javier Alcazar started the cafe after contacting dog shelters and offering to advertise dogs up for adoption. By collaborating with more than 15 animal animal shelters nationwide, The Doger Café believe they are an important key to speed up adoptions.

Typically the puppies spend about three to four weeks at the cafe as they’re gently eased back in to socialising with people while they overcome the anxiety and stress of shelter life. Before the puppies are on the premises and in contact with users they pass a qualified veterinary review, and are fully vaccinated. The veterinarian is responsible for reviewing them periodically.

At the cafe, puppies get to interact with visitors and prospective adopters for about 15 minutes.

Currently The Doger only accommodate puppies, however they are working on welcoming adult dogs too soon. Prospective adopters can also view puppies available for adoption on The Doger Café website.

The Doger originally started life as an online store selling dog food and other products. The founders are planning to open a second café in Madrid as well as Barcelona. They also hope to take the concept of a coffee house-come-dog adoption centre to Peru.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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