SoundPacks: Iman Omari’s royalty-free “vibe” sounds for producers and hobbyists alike

Singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Iman Omari, creator of self-proclaimed “vibe” music, has created a series of soundpacks for producers and hobbyists alike to use in their music productions.

The SoundPacks are a vibey selection of midi chord progressions, percussion one shot samples, Synth Leads/Chords, midi chord progressions, audio chord progressions and Samples, drum one shots and drum breaks, and vocal clips all created by Iman Omari. The SoundPacks can be used as they are or to add some fx for people’s production needs.

Iman Omari said: “The Iman Omari SoundPack’s™ vol.1 & 2  are collections of all things I’ve played from: Drum loops, Samples, Drum One Shots, Midi Chord Progressions, and Synth Lead Lines. If your just starting out in production, and need a mixture of sounds, this pack is a perfect way to get your feet wet! Even established professional producers have used these sound packs in their arsenal to add extra spice to their beats!”

The sounds, which are hand-picked and played by Iman Omari, are royalty free. There are currently two volumes of the SoundPacks and the LA-based musician plans to release more SoundPacks in the future.

The SoundPacks are part of Iman Omari’s Vibe Music Collective project. Vibe Music Collective as a multi-disciplinary artist collective dedicated to connecting artists and providing members with a universal platform to share and develop their art with the global music diaspora.

SoundPacks are available to buy online from Iman Omari’s website

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