ECO-Warrior Foundation: Helping to preserve the oceans and beaches through education, activation, and motivation

Getting up close and personal with the oceans, surfers are exposed to a fraction of what’s at sea. That’s what inspired former professional surfer and environmental leader, James Pribram to set up the ECO-Warrior Foundation – a non-profit dedicated to preserving the oceans and beaches through education, activation, and motivation.

While teaching a surf lesson in the summer of 1997, the Laguna Beach native developed a staph infection and came close to death. This was the turning point in his life that led James Pribram to direct his attention to the state of the world’s oceans.

James Pribram told Laguna Beach Living: “It changed my way of thinking about the ocean because the ocean was my first love. I had this weird sense of almost betrayal. But then I realised it wasn’t the ocean’s fault… it was our fault.”

Now the environmental guardian devotes his time to finding solutions to help the oceans and the environment. He is perhaps best known for paddling out into the “Killing Cove” in Taiji, Japan in 2007 to protest the killing of tens of thousands of dolphins and small whales, which was documented in the documentary film, The Cove. He has also protested against factory mills in Chile for dumping chlorinated water into the sea.

In 2006, James Pribram founded the ECO-Warrior Foundation. The foundation believes that educating individuals and communities about ways they can help protect and preserve the natural environment is key to sustainability, and that “spreading the word” is a great way to encourage individuals and communities to become more proactive towards ocean preservation.

James Pribram said: “There comes a point when raising awareness and caring have to be replaced with action.

“I think the question we need to ask ourselves is ‘What good is the beach if we can’t enjoy the ocean?’

“The ECO Warrior Foundation is dedicated to motivating individuals of all ages to take action to help protect the world’s coastal environments.”

One of the ways in which the ECO-Warrior Foundation inspires action is by organising regular beach clean-ups and similar events. Since its creation in 2006, ECO-Warrior Foundation has hosted 45 beach clean-ups and more than 17200 tonnes of litter throughout California.

The ECO-Warrior Foundation is dedicated to working directly with individual communities, both locally and internationally, who want to make a difference and create a positive and lasting change.

ECO-Warrior Foundation

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at


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