Around the World in 80 Eco Spas: Eco-Logic Thailand Resort, Pak Song, Thailand

Life & Soul Magazine’s Travel Guide to Eco Spas will whet your appetite for a vacation that brings healing to holidaymakers in accommodations that work in harmony with the planet.

16. Eco-Logic Thailand Resort, Pak Song, Thailand

Thailand is much more than the beaches and cluster of islands that it has become known for. Further inland and off-the-beaten track is a plethora of lush landscapes, jungles, waterfalls and wilderness that makes for the perfect getaway for those conscious travellers who want to truly experience the natural beauty of the country and immerse themselves in local life, which is what the Eco-Logic Thailand Resort does well.

Eco-Logic Thailand Resort is a nature retreat in the heart of the Pak Song jungle, nearby to the coastal town of Ranong, on the Thai-Burmese border. The serene mountain location of Pak Song, which has a population of just under 5,000, is an opportunity for those who travel to Eco-Logic Resort to set foot in rural Thailand whilst marvelling at its tropical green hills and streams.

The small-scale Eco-Logic Thailand Resort is an ideal base for those who want to embrace the jungle and set up base at its selection of jungalows – a set of spacious riverside bungalows, beautifully decked out in traditional Thai interiors with the elements, wood especially, accounted for – think four poster beds and uniquely shaped and chisselled tables displaying simple yet spectacular Thai craftsmanship; riverside guestrooms; dormitories for larger groups and for those wanting to travel on a budget and meet people; and camping.

The family-friendly venue’s spa offerings are simple – massage therapies and treatments that can be enjoyed in a guest’s room or in the on-site treatment room – although there are plans to expand the spa facilities and the Eco-Logic Thailand Resort have spoken about opening a pool area, sauna and steam room in the future. That said, the real draw to this eco-resort is in its natural surroundings, simplicity, and communitment to the environment and indigenous community.

Located in the mountains of the Chumphon province, a 75-minute journey by bus from Phuket, Eco-Logic Thailand Resort is just as unique for its set up as it is for its stunning location with valleys and peaks in the midst. It shares its premises with the Thai Child Development Foundation, a charity that provides special medical care and education for children with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and those who have faced social-exclusion. The Foundation was founded by two Dutch women, Ingrid van der Straaten and Rosalie Tieges, in 2004. The eco-resort was later set up as a way to support the charity.

A stay at Eco-Logic Thailand Resort is as much a time for serenity and tranquility as it is, should guests choose, a learning experience. The operations at both the resort and school itself is self-sustaining and self-sufficient, and guests are encouraged to take part in the activities. Centred around permaculture principles, Eco-Logic Thailand Resort showcases sustainable lifestyle and green living at its best.

An on-site farm provides food for the resort’s “slow food” restaurant and school; chicken excrement is turned into a methane gas resource; fish waste from an on-site aquaponic system provides an organic food source for plants, while the plants naturally filter the water for the fish; a recycling bank services the entire local community; there’s ground coffee production; and a building project, providing homes, utilises eco-friendly, traditional clay hut techniques.

Encouraging a mindful approach to living, Eco-Logic Thailand Resort also offers its guests classes including yoga, cookery, Thai language, and mindfulness and meditation for kids. There’s also upcycling projects for kids, workshops in how to create a mandala using natural materials, tree planting, and foraging in the jungle.

Eco-Logic Thailand Resort expresses a real community vibe, and a vacation at the resort is likely to open up visitors to the real Thailand and the hospitality of its inhabitants, as well as those who have adopted the traditions and embraced the jungle wilds as their home.

Eco-Logic Thailand Resort

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