Zero Island: Sustainable vacationing on Sweden’s carbon neutral island

Those searching for a sustainable vacation in Scandanavia may want to consider Lidö, an island in the northern part of the Swedish Archipelago off the coast of Helsinki, otherwise known as Zero Island.

The tourist-friendly island, which managed to go completely carbon neutral in one year, aims to educate people on the value of making sustainable choices. It is a project designed to showcase the potential of fighting against climate change and becoming more sustainable.

From accommodation to food, every aspect of the Zero Vacations is designed to produce as little emissions as possible. Tapping into the staycation trend, the Zero Vacations are designed to let guests experience a simpler way of life and nature in its purest form.

Visitors to the island can enjoy their vacation swimming, sampling delicious dishes from the specially designed, sustainable Zero Menu, and staying in the beautiful zero cabin Nolla.

The Nolla cabin, an Airbnb favourite, is built from sustainable materials and comes with minimal environmental impact both in terms of emissions and the concrete impact on nature.

Renewable energy company Neste was tasked with transforming the island of Lido into a climate neutral land – something the entire country of Sweden is aiming for by 2045. In the 12 months since the project began, Neste reduced the island’s emissions by 78%.

Sirpa Tuomi, Marketing Director of Neste, said: “Fossil-free future requires changes in our everyday lives, and in our mindset. As part of Zero Island project, we wanted to show people they can have a world-class vacation with as little emissions as possible and without flying to the other side of the world.”

Zero Vacation

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at


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