Future Forest and Infinite Forest: Installation and accompanying exhibition reflect the spirit of endurance embodied by forests

Suffolk’s Thetford Forest is now the temporary home to a scuplture trail of 10 life-size figures based on Classical figures such as Cupid, the Three Graces, and Venus de Milo – each representing custodians of the past looking over our forests.

The sculptures, Future Forest, were created by artist Lisa Wright and are set within six installations made by British theatre set designer Tom Piper – best known for his ceramic poppy installation, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, at the Tower of London, in 2014.

Future Forest reflects the vital role that trees and woodlands play in protecting our natural environment and the next generation’s role as custodians of our forests. The youthful figurines reflect the spirit of endurance that is embodied by forests – rooted in the past, relevant in the present and essential to our survival into the future.

The sculpture trail was commissioned by The Forestry Commission as part of its centenary celebrations. Lisa Wright’s life-size sculptures, all brightly coloured, are made from bio resin, a greener alternative to traditional plastics due to its high level of plant based content and lower toxic emissions during the production process. 

Each individual element of this project is designed to raise awareness of the fact that resilient though they are, the forests of the future will not be able to survive and prosper unless they are sustainably managed. The responsibility for ensuring that this happens will be carried forward by the emerging generations. 

PK Khaira Creswell, Director of the Forestry Commission’s centenary programme, said: “Amid the climate crisis, England’s trees and woodlands have never been so important for people and nature. As our centenary year draws to a close, we want people to pause and consider their role as custodians of our forests, helping us to protect and enhance them for the next 100 years.”

An exhibition, Infinite Forest, which will showcase sister paintings to the lifelike Thetford forest sculptures will open for a week in London from 29 October-6 November at 55 East Castle Street, W1. The works in the exhibition are a continuation of what Lisa Wright refers to as her “inner landscape” series – figures that embody natural landscapes that draw our attention back to nature and remind us of our responsibility to protect Earth’s ecosystem.

Future Forest will be on display at High Lodge, Thetford Forest until 30 May 2020. Infinite Forest will run at 55 East Castle Street, London W1W 8EG from 29 October-6 November 2019

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com


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