Osvaldo Menegazzi: Tarot artist preserving the tradition of tarot in Milan, said to be the birthplace of tarot

Italian tarot artist Osvaldo Menegazzi has spent decades designing and selling tarot cards, or tarocchi, in his shop, Il Meneghello.

Every card a handmade work of art, Osvaldo Menegazzi draws and paints each one from his Milan-based shop. The artist is preserving the tradition of tarot in the Italian city believed to be the origins of tarot, where the oldest surviving cards date back to the mid-15th century.

When Osvaldo Menegazzi first set out on his artistic endeavours, the “born painter” decided to honour the early ancestors of tarot, by founding a publishing house for out-of-print cards, in addition to making his own designs. He published his first deck, inspired by seashells, in 1974.

Althout the artist doesn’t read tarot himself, he fully immerses himself in the history and symbolism of the cards in order to create a deck, with some decks taking up to a year to develop and print.

For Osvaldo Menegazzi, whether you believe in the power of the cards or not, they speak.

Images Source: Il Meneghello Facebook page

Il Meneghello 

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