London home with fruit and veg overflowing on to streets raises awareness of the impact of food waste

A London home has been temporarily transformed into a “House of Food Waste” with fruit and vegetables tumbling out of the house and on to the street, in an effort to highlight the huge amount of avoidable food waste produced by households in the capital each year.

The living installation – created by Small Change, Big Difference – shows how well over half of all food waste produced in the UK every year comes from households. Around 910,000 tonnes of food goes to waste from London households every year.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the impact of the city’s food waste which, if sent to landfill, would be responsible for releasing 420,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Twelve London boroughs supported the cause by hosting numerous events including workshops and cookery demonstrations, to help residents reduce their food waste and encourage them to recycle food waste in their council collection and eat more sustainably.

All of the food leftover from the installation was later donated to London charity City Harvest, where it was redistributed to organisations that feed people in need, as well as offered to residents of the street.

Images: Jonathan Hordle/PA Wire

Small Change, Big Difference

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One thought on “London home with fruit and veg overflowing on to streets raises awareness of the impact of food waste

  1. The amount of food wasted is shocking. I cannot understand why people throw away food… especially with stories of my Grandma who had to eat tulip bulbs to stay alive during the war, climate change and all it takes the earth to grow enough… food campaign that I hope will make people question their behaviour!

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