Bird Brick Houses: Bespoke bricks providing permanent nesting sites and enclosures to nurture wildlife

Bird Brick Houses are an ingenious way to provide permanent nesting sites and wildlife enclosures as an integral part of a building.

Suitable for many of the UK’s small to medium size birds, Bird Brick Houses – which look like a regular brick with a hole – have been designed to accomodate house sparrows, swifts and starlings. A single entrance hole allows the entire internal area to be available for nesting and roosting.

Bird Brick Houses product range also includes bat boxes, owl boxes and wildlife towers – all designed in conjunction with specialist ecologists.

The bird brick houses work by providing an environment in which the birds feel warm and safe, that’s large enough for them to move around and raise a family, and by using an entrance aperture which is only just large enough for the target species to use, thereby eliminating use by larger (possibly predatory) birds such as magpies.

Many of the UK’s garden birds are struggling to maintain numbers, house sparrows being an obvious species that has suffered a serious decline in recent times.

According to Bird Brick Houses, providing bird houses is hugely important for giving such birds the best chance of rearing their young and surviving the winter in as safe an environment as possible.

Founded by husband and wife-team Duncan and Jenny McCutchan in 2013, Bird Brick Houses aims to make people aware that despite inhabiting a highly populated world, ways need to be found of nurturing and protecting wildlife for this and future generations.

The East Sussex-based couple, who have a background in farming, strongly believe that bird and bat boxes are an excellent way of providing for wildlife in every building.

Duncan McCutchan, who also runs a construction business, first started working on a prototype bird brick house nearly 20 years ago. After much trial and error, he finalised the design and mould in 2012 before launching Bird Brick Houses. The business has since won numerous awards for its ingenious designs and commitment to preserving wildlife.

Bird Brick Houses

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