Gerrard Street: Circular electronics startup creating modular headphones and rethinking ownership

Anyone who has owned a pair of headphones are probably familiar with how fast they can wear, which is why Gerrard Street, an Amsterdam-based startup, have designed modular headphones that can easily be recycled or their parts reused.

Gerrard Street, which rethinks ownership by focusing its business on circular consumer electronics, offer the headphones through a subscription model, where customers pay either a monthly or annual fee.

The headphones are designed to break down less quickly and can be easily disassembled. If any part or component of the headphones is broken, customers can return that part to Gerrard street for repair or recycling.

Gerrard Street was founded in 2015 by Tom Leenders and Dorus Galama. The pair said: “Usually the whole thing [headphones] gets tossed out because of a minor issue such as a broken cable. That just didn’t seem right to us. So we came up with a solution…Modular headphones as a service!

“Why as a service? So that we can develop headphones that break down less easily and can be easily repaired and so that we can retrieve and recycle broken headphones. We believe that this is the new way to develop products. A way that is better for everyone.”

Gerrard Street

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