CleanWalk: Amsterdam Forest visitors help cleanup the environment with walking stick and litter picker in one

Visitors to Amsterdam Forest, one of the biggest urban parks in Europe, are being encouraged to help clean up litter using a CleanWalk stick, which doubles up as a walking stick and litter picker.

Dutch social enterprise CleanWalk are loaning park-goers wooden walking sticks so they can enjoy nature, and pick up any litter they come across.

The CleanWalk walking stick is made from chestnut wood and has a point at the end which enable walkers to pick up litter, ensuring any litter won’t fall off. The sticks have been designed specifically to pick up cans and plastic bottles. They also feature a gauge at the end of the cane, which indicates how much waste has been collected.

The first ever CleanWalk service was launched in Amsterdam Forest (Amsterdame Bos) last June. Walking sticks are stored in a mobile CleanWalk storage rack. The mobile storage rack contains a waste bin, information about the CleanWalk walking service and useful information about walking tracks in the nature park. The storage rack is mobile and can be set up inside or outside the visiting centre of a nature reserve.

CleanWalk said: “Not only are hikers borrowing walking sticks but also parents with young children enjoy the natural world and clean up unsightly litter. All they have to do is leave their name and address at the reception and sign out when they come back, a simple, but effective, system.

“We try to put the passion of nature lovers to good use to cleanup the environment with the CleanWalk, a walking stick and litter stick in one.“

CleanWalk is hoping that parks and nature reserves around the world will take up the concept.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at


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