International Jaguar Day: Honouring the largest feline in the Americas

Friday 29 November 2019 is officially International Jaguar Day.

International Jaguar Day was created to raise awareness about the increasing threats facing the jaguar and the critical conservation efforts ensuring its survival from Mexico to Argentina.

Observed annually on November 29, International Jaguar Day celebrates the Americas’ largest wild cat as an umbrella species for biodiversity conservation and an icon for sustainable development and the centuries-old cultural heritage of Central and South America.

In recent decades the historical distribution of this feline has decreased 50% throughout its range due to the destruction of its habitat, illegal hunting, the reduction of prey that serve as food, and the human-jaguar conflict.

There are currently 170,000 jaguars distributed from Mexico to Argentina, but recent fires in the Amazon killed, injured or displaced between 400 and 1,500 jaguars and in other areas they face threats that put their future at risk.

Last year, international conservation organisations including WCS, Panthera, WWF and UNDP and 14 jaguar range states joined forces to launch The Jaguar 2030 Conservation Roadmap for the Americas. The Roadmap seeks to strengthen the Jaguar Corridor, which extends from Mexico to Argentina, by securing 30 priority conservation landscapes for jaguars by the year 2030.

It is intended that The Jaguar 2030 Conservation Roadmap for the Americas will pave a new path to strengthen international cooperation and awareness of jaguar protection initiatives and stimulate sustainable development opportunities.

International Jaguar Day

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