Nick Lopez: Californian native creating functional art and home furnishings from reclaimed redwood

California Redwood is a beautiful wood with a rich history and carving some of that history in to unique pieces of furniture is the Sacramento- based artist Nick Lopez.

Nick Lopez, who has a background in the building trade, makes upcycled furniture using reclaimed redwood from the construction industry. His one-of-a-kind pieces include a pontoon bed, slither bench, recliner and ottoman, rustic coffee tables, and sculptures and wall art – all made from reclaimed redwood fence boards.

Numerous pieces of redwood are used in the making of each of Nick Lopez’s unique designs, all crafted in a mosaic-like structure. For that reason, the redwood used throughout the furnishings and artwork varies in colour from golden to darker tones. The darker the tone of the wood, the older it is and the richer its history.

Third generation craftsman, Nick Lopez developed a unique and varied skill set as a builder and contractor, under the guidance of his father. Applying his industry skills to his own artistic endeavours, Nick Lopez began designing and creating what he calls “functional art” and home furnishings from reclaimed wood in 2009.

Currently Nick Lopez works predominantly with the native wood of California, the redwood. In Northern California, as well as parts of Oregon, it is illegal to cut any of the old-growth redwoods, so any woodwork must be done with fallen or repurposed lumber.

Much of the wood Nick Lopez uses it out of old growth California Redwood. The materials used originate from barns, decks, and fencing, salvaged by Lopez during contracting projects.

Nick Lopez says: “Using only reclaimed wood, I create art that is unique, and at the same time draw attention to the endless possibilities of working exclusively with salvaged wood. Assembled like jigsaw puzzles or mosaics, every work I make consists of anywhere from hundreds to thousands of individual pieces of wood that are cut, glued, and nailed together, one piece at a time. I am particularly fascinated by the challenges involved in transforming scrap that would otherwise end up in landfills into beautiful sculptures or functional furnishings.”

Nick Lopez Studio

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